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Hi, everybody! Your captain is speaking!

Dear students!

I got the layout of our collective volume.

I liked all your works (despite misspellings and language slips:)
You passed the course. You formed a group with its certain identity that created a book.

I consider the contributions by JAMIE LEE KRUIS and COLMAN TSE to be the model works within the suggested format.

Thank you all for your cooperation and co-thinking.

I'll leave books for you at the Department.

You are always welcome to our Night Owl Club. You have all keys and certficates:)

If you would organise a farewell party I would join:)
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Hi, everybody! Your captain is speaking!

That was an experiment on activating the Navigator to the Semiosphere on a next generation of students 2013 Summer semester "Readings from Lotman" course.

The students got two introductory lectures leading them into main problematics of Tartu branch of semiotics

- semiosphere(=hypertext)
- productivness of asymmetric dialog
- minus-method

Hegel, Gadamer, Andrei Belyi
brain asymmetry

1010 model - key, filter, choice, difference

Carlo Ginsburg - evidential paradigm - practice

Students got their first task - to ask two questions per week to Yuri Lotman and start answering them applying their reasoning to the chosen subject of investigation.

The rest of the course the students made their oral presentations on their works followed by a discussion.

At the end of the course I asked the group to prepare a collective volume of their works with my contributions and preferce.

This is the preferce:)

During the whole time period I tuned the mood and tone of this community semiocomm with appropriate mnemonic and analytic material.
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Hi, everybody! Your captain is speaking!

I remind you about our project of a collective volume.
I would like to get an account - if you have any problems with composing and editing a book, please, ask for a help. I'll be in Tartu personally on 13.05. You can use email or FB or whatever to state your questions.

Further claims will be ignored.

What is love? It is the morning and the evening star.''

Sinclair Lewis

or Frege?